The ScreenTrust Management System can be found at

Login in with the provided credentials.


After logging in you will be directed to the ScreenTrust Management System dashboard. There you have an complete overview of the managed devices, your licences, active users, popular categories etc.


The different policies can be found at the policy tab. This page gives you an overview of your policies, these can be removed and edited to your preferences.

At policies you can edit, remove and create new policies you can apply to selected classes or for everyone.
Simply select the categories you want to block. You can add app and website exceptions if you like. This way you can block entertainment but allow the YouTube app for example.

Device Overview

The device overview shows all the devices that are added into ScreenTrust. Click on a device to get the details of that specific device. This overview will show the name, user, model etc. Click on "insights" to get more details of the protection, iOS and storage of the specific device.

User Overview

The users tab gives you a more detailed view of the users. With the search filter you can sort these users to their specific type (teacher, students), source etc.

Group Overview

The group tab shows you the available groups and their source. It is also possible to manually create a group on this page.


All the settings you made during the setup assistent can be changed afterwards in the settings page in the organization sub menu. Synchronization settings with your Platforms, Authentication, Privacy and the settings for ScreenTrust Teacher.

The audit log show the changes and events in the system so you can find when, who and what changed in the ScreenTrust Management System.

Setup instructions shows the different settings for the supported platforms. 

Subscription page shows you the type of subscription currently used. You can update the amount of devices and change the billing details.