Start your lesson on

In the window that opens you can enter the duration of your lesson and your class.
Note! Did you forget to start the class at the time it started? Then click on the remaining minutes. 

Choose the categories you want to exclude by definition for your class. This can always be adjusted during the lesson if you see in the statistics that a particular category is distracting students. As you can see, there are some categories already disabled here. This has to do with the safety of the students and has been set by an IT admin. You cannot change this yourself. Start your lesson.

In the dashboard, you can see the number of requests that are made on the students' iPads or Chromebooks, how many are approved and how many are not approved/blocked. In the live categories you have direct insight into the online behavior of your students. This graph shows the last 30 seconds of activity within your lesson.

You can also easily see in the dashboard via a chart what the most popular categories are with your students.

Through this section you can get insights, view your students, view or modify the restrictions, and you can stop the lesson when it ends. 

After stopping a lesson, you will immediately see the lesson history. When you click on a class, you can see exactly how the online surfing behavior went during your lesson.