Make sure that your users are synchronised to ScreenTrust, if you don't see the users in the user overview click the 'Sync" button on the dashboard.

 Within the Policies tab in ScreenTrust Management System you can create policies. Click the "Create Policy" button to create a new policy. Give the new policy a name and a description. 

When should the policy be active ?

Always: This policy will always be active on the device

At School: This policy will be active when the device is connected to the schools wifi network. 

For whom should this policy be applied?

Everyone: The policy will be applied to all the devices that are managed by ScreenTrust.

Groups: Select the groups in the pulldown menu to whom the policy should be applied.

Blocked categories:

The following blocked categories are available:


You can add an app or website that will be excluded from the blocked categories. The apps and websites in these list wil always be allowed or blocked. These override the configured categories.

Other settings you can apply to your organization are:

After creating the policies it is time to install the profile and ScreenTrust app on your devices.
This can be done with your MDM (Jamf School), Apple Configurator 2 or manually.