Specify how Teachers can login into the Teacher app by configuring authentication providers. Currently ScreenTrust supports the following authentication methods:

  • Google
  • Microsoft (Azure AD)

Configure the Sign In window

You can choose to customise the Sign In window by specifying a title and subtitle. Next to that you can customise the available sign-in methods, see the section below. 

Configure a Authentication Method

  • Click on "Add sign in with Google" or "Add sign in with Microsoft" depending on what service your school uses
  • Optional: enter the sign-in domain users have to sign in with. This can be the domain of your school, for example townshipschools.com. By entering a sign-in domain, you restrict to that domain only
  • Optional: enter the title you want to show on the sign-in button. This defaults to "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Microsoft" if left empty

Tip: you can add multiple authentication methods, even of the same type, in order to support multiple domains (for example: student.townshipschools.com and staff.townshipschools.com)