• Supervised iOS/iPadOS devices running iOS/iPadOS version 14.1 or higher
  • The devices in Jamf Pro need to have a user with a valid e-mail address associated 
  • When enrolling a device, a user with the exact same e-mail address as the one of the user associated with the device in Jamf Pro needs to exists in the ScreenTrust Management System

Get the ScreenTrust app from Apple School Manager:

  • Login at Apple School Manager as Administrator or Content Manager
  • Click Apps and Books 
  • Search "ScreenTrust" and click on the search result 
  • In the "Buy Licenses" section enter the amount of licenses you need and select the location you would like to assign the licenses to
  • Click "Get" and wait for the licenses to be available

Distribute the app:

  • Login at your Jamf Pro account
  • Click on "Devices", and then click "Mobile Device Apps"
  • Click "New"
  • Select "App Store app or apps purchased in volume" and click "Next"
  • Enter "ScreenTrust" as the name of the app, choose the appropriate app country and click "Next". Then click "Add". Make sure to make the app managed in the General settings pane. 
  • Click on the "Scope" tab and scope the app to your student's devices 
  • Click on the "Managed Distribution tab" and then click on the "Device Assignments" tab 
  • Select the "Assign Content Purchased in Volume" checkbox 
  • Choose the location that has purchased the app 
  • Click "Save" 

Configure the app:

  • Login at ScreenTrust Management System
  • Click on "Setup Instructions"
  • In the menu bar click "iOS / iPadOS (Jamf Pro)"
  • Click on the "Download configuration profile" button and save the downloaded file somewhere on your Mac 

  • Login at your Jamf Pro account
  • Click "Devices", and then click "Configuration Profiles" 
  • Click "Upload" and upload the configuration profile you've downloaded in the steps above 
  • In the "General" settings pane make sure the "Distribution Method" is set to "Install Automatically" 
  • Click on the "Scope" tab and scope the profile to your students' devices 
  • Click "Save"